Hands-on / Learning

The simulated environment is dynamic, which means the decisions of each Restaurant Management Team (RMT) impacts the operating results in the simulated market place. Every decision you make in your simulated restaurant will affect your restaurant’s efficiency and its simulated bottom line, just like real-life decisions affect real operations and real profitability.

Menu & Cutlery on A Restaurant Table

The Simulation

The simulation is an interactive, dynamic representation of how a restaurant operates. From menu structuring and implementation, to staffing and operations management, participants have an opportunity to examine the ingredients and mechanics of restaurant operations with a view to profitable management.

Your Simulated Restaurant

The scene is set in the City profiled in the City Background Scenario Document, where each participant group, Restaurant Management Team (RMT), takes over the identical restaurant. The simulation structure competes each RMT against up to nine other similar Teams as they endeavour to develop their restaurant operating skills over a six year time period.

luxury restaurant in european style