Simr puts you in the driver’s seat, or in this case, at the helm of a “virtual” restaurant. With the help of our specialized software that replicates real business challenges, you’ll have the chance to set-up business rules, respond to problems and receive feedback on your success rate.


A New Kind of Experience

Simr lets you actually practise and develop your management and business skills in a risk-free environment instead of merely listening to lectures and taking down notes,. Instruction, game play and feedback allow you to learn concepts and practise them immediately.

Business people having discussion

Totally Immersive

You will take on the role of a restaurant manager and guide your “virtual” restaurant to success or failure in competition with other participants. Immersion in a complete “virtual” restaurant operating environment gives you the big-picture management view of a restaurant, including responsibilities to all stakeholders i.e staff, customers and owners.

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Optimal Management for Profitability

The number one reason for restaurant failure is poor management. Simr will provide you with the skills necessary to effectively manage the challenges of today’s restaurant with an emphasis on profitability.