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Simr is an effective experiential learning and teaching tool for Hospitality & Tourism Management Programs. The use of simulations in academia has continued to grow over the past ten years with expectations for further growth as changes in technology continue to escalate.


Beyond the Textbook

21st century business training requires 21st century tools that take advantage of the power of networked collaboration and real-time number crunching. Students consistently respond positively to computer simulations that reflect today’s data-driven business culture.

Successful young business women

Building Confidence

Practice makes perfect. And while nothing can replace years of real-world experience, Simr offers a unique method of putting lessons learned in Hospitality Training programs to the test, providing instant and highly valuable feedback to students and building confidence as they prepare for real-world employment.

Lecturer helping college students

Evaluation Opportunity

With Simr, program instructors have an opportunity to evaluate student performance in a simulated restaurant environment, and to respond proactively in subsequent classes to student results – both successes and failures –  once the simulation has been completed.