Corporate Training


Corporate seminars are two or three days in length, based on client requirements and expectations. They can be further customized to wrap around or integrate with specific corporate training modules.

Two Day Program Schedule

This Seminar emphasizes planning, investing and management processes by applying analytical techniques to interprete and evaluate the financial statements that simulation participants have created.

The competitive nature of the simulation leads to a fast-paced, dynamic  experience in which restaurant leaders, winners and losers are identified and evaluated and where potential management skills are put to the test.

The restaurant scenarios begin with a losing restaurant, a profitable restaurant or a new restaurant, based on corporate requirements. Participant restaurants are operated in simulated competition for 3 to 5years.

Three Day Program Schedule

The three day schedule is our most popular simulation experience. Participants are exposed to the rigours of running a simulated restaurant over multiple days and the typical seminar takes the restaurant through a five year life-cycle. The emphasis in this all-encompassing seminar is understanding all restaurant or service planning processes with an emphasis on profitability.

Participants are also exposed to the profit-making tools of menu engineering and cost-volume-profit analysis.  Learning to understand and apply these techniques is a key to ensuring profitable operations in real life.

Restaurant teams are pitted against each other with an emphasis on profitability, over a five year period. The simulation has been compared to a horse race with each circuit of the track being the completion of one year. After each year the restaurant teams are rated and ranked against each other. At the end of the fifth year a winner is declared.


The power of the simulation can be tailored to the objectives of  each client.

  • A typical customized seminar includes corporate activities in the morning followed by a simulation seminar in the afternoon. After the initial simulation introduction has been completed, simulation sessions will often incorporate ideas or objectives developed in the earlier corporate presentations.
  • Another customized scenario would be to have a two or three day simulation seminar preceded or followed by a one or two day corporate event.