Corporate Training


Simr is strategic management software exclusively designed for the service sector. In a competitive, fast-paced restaurant environment its custom scenarios permit users to test their skills, identify weaknesses and learn new strategies to enhance profitability and reduce errors.


Increase Profitability

Your managers will learn how to focus on profit maximization by building and implementing a restaurant business plan. In the real world experimentation is high-risk, whereas in our simulation your managers can safely explore and test different tactics to increase profitability.

Businesspeople working in office at the table

Correlate Data

Your managers will learn to make better use of financial statements, reports, and market research. In the real world, business data from different sources can be hard to correlate. Using our simulation, your managers will see how and where different business inputs intersect, testing possibilities and generating measureable results.


Collaborate and Compete

Simr offers your managers a fun and useful team-building exercise in which they  will learn to evaluate the competition and analyze their own performance against competitors, altering results through menu selection, product offering, and positioning.