Service Inspired Restaurants (SIRCORP)  (Jack Astor’s and Canyon Creek are two of this Chain’s ten Restaurant brands.)

“Great real life learning experience. Will be taking an immense amount of knowledge back to my store. Thanks.”

“Great Time! Learned a lot!”

“Great insightful program. Lots of information delivered in a very thought out manner.”

“Since I had prior financial experience, it was great to get a refresher and assist my peers.”

“Great interactive way and environment to learn how to run a restaurant. It was great to have seminars in between the running of the restaurant.”

“Wonderful program helped me understand the Income Statement and the Balance Sheet.”

Imago Restaurants (Dukes Restaurant Chain, Toronto)

“Great Program – Great way to see consequences of actions.”

“Great Course, very fun! Definitely helped refine my comfort with analysing data.”

“For someone that has only seen this business from the Sales side it was a great eye-opener. I realized that I have a lot to learn as I continue my path in the food industry…Thank You.”

“Everything was excellent! Facilitators have a lot of knowledge, and were very informative.”

Letter from Imago Restaurants

Dear David & Bernie,

On behalf of Imago Restaurants Inc., (President & Owner) Neil Vosburgh and I wish to thank you sincerely for the excellent management development program.

In an efficiently designed three day period you were able to give our managers comprehensive insight into the management principles of our industry. This knowledge has been put to immediate use since Imago entered its budgeting process for next fiscal year right after completion of the program. I found this year that our managers were more contemplative and more engaged in the process, and were more confident in their decision-making.

I would commend this program to any other organisation that is interested in building a more successful management team.

Yours Sincerely,

Cindy Simpson
Executive Vice President
Imago Restaurants Inc.

Letter from Service Inspired Restaurants

Simr has been a part of our High Potential Development Program for over 4 years now. It gives even our seasoned Managers a great perspective on how to keep an eye on all facets of running a successful restaurant in today’s highly competitive marketplace. The participant feedback always ends with a wish to have more time with the simulator or redo the simulation to see how their decisions would change their simulated businesses success. Glad to be working with highly respected industry professionals to help build our People.

Kathy Rogut
Human Resources Manager, Service Inspired Restaurants

National Hockey League Alumni (NHLA) – Breakaway Seminar/Workshop Program

“I found the workshop to be very educational. I liked the fact that it was very hands on, and I would suggest it for anyone else looking to be informed about the restaurant/bar business.”
BRENT FEDYK (Former NHL Player)

“It was a hands on approach to a look inside the world of running a restaurant, while having expert advice along the way. A must for anyone starting out in this field or learning generally the backend of business.”

“Thank you for hosting the restaurant workshop. I have a restaurant in Minnesota and it was extremely valuable for me to be around people who wanted to learn and grow in the business. The workshop had great content and tremendous value for me. I think I left with more confidence in my own restaurant management skills. The workshop reaffirmed the path I was on. Many thanks for reaching out to the NHL Alumni and for offering meaningful programs like this one. I’m very glad I participated.”
TOM REID (Former NHL Player)