About Us

Virtual Training for Real-World Careers

Simr puts you in the driver’s seat, or in this case, at the helm of a “virtual” restaurant. With the help of our specialized software that replicates real business challenges, you’ll have the chance to set-up business rules, respond to problems and receive feedback on your success rate.


A New Kind of Seminar/Program

Instead of only listening to lectures and trying to take down notes, Simr lets you actually practise and develop your management and business skills during class in a risk-free environment. Instruction, game play and feedback are given throughout the seminar/program allowing you to learn concepts and practise them immediately.

Totally Immersive

During your time with us you’ll take on the role of a restaurant manager and guide your “virtual” restaurant to success or failure against other seminar participants. Immersion in a complete “virtual” restaurant operating environment gives you the big-picture view of restaurant management, including your responsibilities to staff and customers.